Vetport Veterinary Patient Portal App


Vetport offers animal hospitals a cloud veterinary software that caters to both veterinary clinic employees as well as patients. The design of the legacy patient portal was dated and not mobile responsive, which is standard for all great user experiences.

My goal for this redesign was to provide the client-side portal fresh branding and improve the overall user experience. For this design concept, I focused on the mobile app version of the software.


Product Designer



Home screen

On the existing portal, the home screen includes the pet’s information and a link to its patient medical records. Home screens, especially on mobile apps, should provide an overview of the available information and pages a user can explore. In my design of the home screen, I included new sections, such as Appointments, Reminders, Request, and Documents. These sections serve as links to get into second-level pages.

Pet profile

A pet profile page did not exist with the platform. Clicking on a pet’s name from the home screen took users to the Edit Pet page. Instead of directing users to a specific edit page, I created a page in between the home screen and a third-level page (i.e. Edit Profile) that provides another overview of the information and pages pertaining to a particular pet.

Scheduling an appointment

For scheduling an appointment, I designed the flow based on having the system display the available dates and times.


The outcome is an updated veterinary patient portal optimized for the mobile app user experience. If I were a Product Designer for the company, I would have tested the existing platform to identify problem areas and missed opportunities, and incorporate that data into the design.

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