A new direction

Turnkey Websites offers all-in-one business solutions for professionals in the pet industry. They approached me to give their content management system (CMS) a UI refresh. In my role as UX/UI Designer, I conducted user research, developed a sitemap, designed wireframes, collaborated with stakeholders and programmers, and delivered high-fidelity mockups of the final product.

This CMS was not only a tool that allowed business owners to edit pages, but it was also a place where they can view contact form submissions and manage their billing information. Since the dashboard served several purposes, it was important to understand what users would like to see when they sign in.

The result

This digital facelift resulted in more than just an updated CMS design. It frames Turnkey Websites as a modern company that listens to users and implements their feedback into their product. Most importantly, it helps business owners better manage their websites.