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Turnkey Websites offers turnkey business solutions for professionals in the pet industry. One of their offerings is a content management system that allows business owners to create and manage their websites. In my role as UX/UI Designer, I conducted user research and redesigned the CMS to be modern and intuitive.


  • User research
  • Sitemap
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Style Guide


The challenge was redesigning the CMS dashboard to be more modern in design and user-friendly.


User Research

The first step was gathering user feedback. I sent a survey to users with the goal of learning their primary reason for using the dashboard, existing features they like, and elements they would like to see changed.

Main takeaways include:

  • The number one reason users log into their dashboard is to make edits to their website.
  • One pain point is not being able to edit the contact information displayed on their websites.
  • They would like to see more customization options.

Interestingly, users do have access to edit their contact information by visiting the Account Settings page. In my redesign, I updated the link and page name to Contact Information to make it more explicit.

Dashboard Sitemap


I explored different ideas for the dashboard until I found one that met the requirements.




Content Management System Design


Dashboard Branding


The result is a modern, intuitive CMS that allows users to manage their business websites and review inquiries. The next step is to solicit feedback from users and use that to inform the next iteration.

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