Building fandom

Los Angeles-based brand experience agency Troika was in the planning phase of designing FandomConnect. The objective of the app was to enhance the guest experience during events while providing brands valuable insights. Requirements for the design were already established, but now they needed to present mockups for stakeholder buy-in. In my role as UX/UI Designer, I reviewed the brief to design high fidelity comps.

Guests and brands

Sports events bring fans together, but the community aspect may not always exist. By integrating social media channels, a live chatbot, and announcements in one place, guests can connect with fans and be part of the greater community. On the business side, the data from these guest interactions feed into a report brands can use to improve their promotional efforts.

The result

The result is a dashboard designed for brands to upload interactive content on the consumer-facing side and an app guests can use to elevate their experience. A preview panel allows brands to view their changes in real-time, multiple options to integrate social media feeds makes cross-channel promotions easier, and an analytics report provides brands actionable data.