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Troika Dashboard Design​

Troika Dashboard

Troika is a well-known brand experience agency in Los Angeles. In my role as designer, I provided UX/UI services to support their product Fandom Connect. With some guidance from the Troika team, I designed the admin dashboard as well as the mobile mockup.


  • Requirements gathering
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes


The challenge was to create a user-friendly dashboard their clients can easily understand and use. The dashboard was to take on both the Fandom Connect and Troika branding.


As with all of my projects, I first sought to understand the product’s goal. The goal was to provide clients with brand programming and content during a sports game.


From there, I designed the following pages:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Admin – layout uploader
  • Admin – carousel uploader
  • Admin – menu setting
  • Admin – social uploader
  • Admin – engage uploader
  • Homepage/landing page

Admin dashboard

One of the design requirements for this product was to have a preview panel on the right side of the screen. Any changes made to the homepage (consumer-facing page) in the dashboard would be reflected in real-time in this panel.

Admin carousel uploader

I made the center of this page a drag-and-drop area, allowing users to easily upload images. They can switch between media uploaders by selecting “Images” or “Video” on the left side of the main content area.

Image Carousel Uploader

Carousel Uploader List

Admin menu setting

Pairs of upward and downward arrows allow users to move a navigation item between positions.

Admin Menu UI

Mobile mockup

Below is an example of how the final homepage would appear on mobile.

Fandom Connect Mobile


The result is a simple-to-use dashboard that matches the look and feel of Fandom Connect as well as Troika’s brand. If the scope extended beyond the deliverables, I’d be interested in testing the prototypes with users and collaborating with programmers to ensure the designs are feasible.

“Rachel helped us on a project that required UX/UI expertise. Even though it was a short period of time, she understood our need, the request we were asking for in our brief, and asked great questions that helped move the design process along! She also delivered rough drafts and final edits on our timetable. It was great working with her!” – Jaja Hsu, Associate Producer

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