When service meets quality

Ordering a pizza has typically been done over the phone or in person. As companies have started offering customers the ability to place orders online, it was only time until Tomato Joe’s provided this service. Their mobile experience, however, made the ordering process slower and less than convenient. For this design concept, I sought to simplify the service and match it to the quality of their food.

Options on options

The restaurant is known for their wide variety of pizzas and customization options, but it becomes even more evident in their online ordering process. From six different crusts to five quantity options for a topping, it was important the design made use of progressive disclosure to prevent decision fatigue.

The result

Transforming a list of checkboxes to a more visual list experience results in quicker ordering times. Dividing each part of the pizza into segments makes customization approachable, the use of icons communicate options, and the auto-fresh of the price provides instant feedback. Customers can enjoy a simplified and convenient way to order their savory pies.