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Sun + Sound Website

Music Website Design

I designed a website for a concept company called Sun + Sound. The idea stems from having visited several festival websites and identifying areas of improvement. This company is a concert promoter known for its annual summer music festival.


  • Personas
  • Affinity Diagramming
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes


The challenge was to design a website based on both business and customer goals. Since this was a mock company, I had to approach the project from a stakeholder standpoint as well as that from a user.


The first step was to decide on the target audience and their needs and goals. From there, I determined the goals of having a website. This data would inform the features and functionalities the website would need to meet those goals.


Target Audience

The target audience includes people who: enjoy watching live music, have the money to spend on concerts, and listen to particular types of music. In the table below, I list the user’s needs, pain points, and goals.



The mock company’s primary goal is to sell tickets to users followed by promoting their other events. For users, their goals are being able to purchase tickets and find information for upcoming events on the website.


UX Design

I started the design process by collecting the features and functionalities that would enable the company and users to achieve their goals. I also incorporated unique features, such as a Spotify playlist, that would help differentiate the company’s website from competitors.

Affinity Diagramming

From there, I organized the items into categories and created a sitemap.

UX Design Sitemap


Once the information architecture was set and the website requirements were established, I designed wireframes for three pages. I chose these three because I wanted to design the homepage, a level-1 page, and a level-2 page. Included in my wires are annotations for the web developer.

Annotated Wireframes Web Design


Since this was a design concept, there are no results. Although if I were to assist with the development of this website or a similar one, I’d incorporate user data and conduct usability tests to inform the design.

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