Epiphone Website​

Epiphone Ecommerce Design


Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer known for their acoustic and electric guitars. Their website was dated and due for a modern upgrade. For this ecommerce design, I focused on redesigning the ecommerce grid and product detail pages with consideration to mobile responsiveness and usability.


UX/UI Designer



Ecommerce Grid UI Design


An important feature of any ecommerce site is the ability to filter products to avoid decision fatigue. After reviewing Epiphone’s current products and conducting competitive analysis, I designed a filter for the ecommerce grid page. Filter options include the product type, brand, and price. Set to “Featured” products by default, the sort feature allows users to view the latest products or products in ascending or descending order of price.

Interaction Design

Product Detail Page

The product detail page gives each guitar the stage it demands. A bold hero sparks interest and a balance between words and imagery, modern layout, and smart use of trendy UI elements pull the user further down the page. Paragraphs accompanied with bulleted summaries aid with skimming and paginated reviews save vertical real estate.


Modern and mobile responsive, this ecommerce design concept for Epiphone highlights the qualities of its products and makes it easier for users to find the perfect guitar for their musical needs.

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