Shopping with focus

Shopping can be fun for some, but overwhelming for others. With so many options, users can easily fall into decision fatigue and abandon the task altogether. This e-commerce UX/UI design concept makes it easier and faster to discover products relevant to users.

The researcher persona

For this project, my primary persona was the researcher. This persona loves reading product descriptions and customer reviews. The more information she can obtain about a product, the more confident she feels about making the purchase. Consuming this information is an already time-consuming task, so she often uses filters in the beginning of her search to narrow down the options.

The result

Through the use of progressive disclosure, instant feedback, and system flexibility, this e-commerce grid design provides users the means to surface products relevant to their search. Filters are separated into different sections: category, size, color, price, and brand. The entire row for each filter option is a tappable area, aiding with mobile usability. When an option is selected, the filter (e.g. Accessories) appears in the main filter panel—instantly reminding users which filters they had selected and how many at that.