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Reward Points Program Redesign​

UX Reward Points Program

Reward points can be a great incentive to customers. A customer purchases your service or product and she’s rewarded with points that can be used toward a future service or product. Going from point A to point B seems straightforward enough, so why wouldn’t more customers redeem their points? That was the question I sought the answer to in my role as UX Designer for BoutiqueHomes. I was asked to optimize the reward point redemption process to increase purchases in the Marketplace and indirectly increase bookings.


  • User research
  • Customer journey map
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes

Filling in the gaps

Users receive an email two days after their stay. The email informs users they have received reward points and includes a link to their dashboard where they can redeem them. At this point, there are several possibilities for why users would drop off. A customer journey map, user interviews, and internal feedback helped pinpoint areas of improvement and missed opportunities.

Reward Points Customer Journey Map

Dashboard confessionals

No matter how persuasive an email is, the open and click-through rates cannot be controlled. On the flipside, the dashboard where the emails link to can be controlled. An updated navigation made the Reward Points page more visible, use of a side panel brought the reward points calculator above-the-fold, and typographic changes prioritized content relevant to users.

Confirmation page

Redeeming points was only one part of the equation. The other part was to encourage users who have redeemed them to make a purchase in the Marketplace. After users have clicked the button to redeem their points, they’re redirected to a confirmation page where it lets them know when they can expect to receive their gift card. A few clickable products and a CTA button to the Marketplace encourage users to visit the online store.

Confirmation Page Design


An updated email and redesigned dashboard pave the way for an easier reward point redemption process. Buried below layers of design, the reward points program is now more visible and discoverable than before. For the first time since the program’s launch, users are now redeeming their points.

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