New service, new workflow

BoutiqueHomes is a vacation home rental company. Hired as their first UX/UI Designer, I redesigned the end-to-end user experience of their backend interface. In my role, I conducted user research, held task analysis sessions, interviewed the internal team, designed wireframes, conducted usability testing, collaborated with developers, and delivered high-fidelity mockups of the final product.

The company creates property listings through this backend interface. When I joined, a new design was already created, but it wasn’t implemented yet. Progress came to a halt because stakeholders couldn’t figure out how to incorporate a new feature into the design. This new feature would allow property owners to list multi-unit properties within one listing. After reviewing the design and speaking with stakeholders, we decided the new look and feel wasn’t going to support the new feature. A complete rehaul of the legacy system was required.

The result

This redesign transformed a list of unknown and obsolete features into a backend interface that supports both a new service and employee efficiency. A design built on resuable components allows for faster creation of new pages, an updated sitemap makes it easier for employees to find information faster, and intuitive behind-the-scenes functions significantly reduces mental resources and ultimately prevent errors.