Student enrollments increase

Animal Behavior College is an online school in the pet care industry whose graduates become certified dog trainers, cat trainers, pet groomers, and veterinary assistants. A majority of their enrollments result from their marketing efforts, particularly SEO.

An important SEO and UX factor is a mobile responsive site. With more than half of their traffic coming from mobile devices, it was time for a redesign. My role as UX/UI Designer and SEO Strategist was to lead the mobile responsive redesign project from concept to execution.

Sitemap story

Sitemaps are important for SEO, as they help search engines like Google find a website’s pages. The sitemap for this company was due for an update. Through a content audit and data analysis, I was able to identify pages that no longer served a purpose as well as pages in dire need of a rewrite. The updated sitemap determined the pages that needed to be redesigned.

A little help

An agency helped the company during the initial design phase, providing us a template for the homepage and one for a program page. I used those templates as a foundation to design the rest of the website. After several iterations and discussions with stakeholders and developers, a final design was created.

The result

Goal conversion rate increased by 13.66% when comparing the nine months before and after the redesign launched. A responsive website allows prospective students to navigate the website on their phones with ease, and a modern design assures students the school is up-to-date with the latest animal care practices.