“Rachel is very knowledgeable in UX/UI design. Her work is modern, clean, and refreshing. She had not only helped us completely redesign our web application, she also bought in a new perspective of the importance of UX/UI design. It was my great pleasure working with her and learning a whole lot of UX/UI from Rachel.”

Ben Phung
Software Engineering Manager at FCTI

“It has been a pleasure working with Rachel. Her expertise in UX/UI design has been critical to the success of our project. She is extremely responsive and quickly solves problems, even those that go beyond the UX/UI scope.”

Marc Blake

“It’s easy to say that our company was more focused on “first to market” strategies for our applications, but in reality UX/UI is not something that many in our industry seem to take seriously. Once we brought Rachel in to work with our various, and remote teams, she worked diligently to demonstrate that what many thought was so easy—some input fields here, a button there—required a great deal more time, energy and planning than they realized.

Working with our team, Rachel was able to illuminate issues that the team hadn’t thought about and unify competing visions into a user-friendly interface and portal for our customers and partners. This effort has also shown stakeholders the need to take UX/UI more seriously and to make it a critical piece of every project—not an afterthought—and we plan on engaging with her on more future projects.”

Ryan Smith
Senior Project Manager at FCTI

“I worked with Rachel on several projects at the Animal Behavior College. Her SEO knowledge is vast; she has proved to be an expert in her field. Rachel also demonstrated fantastic Design/UX skills in the comps she would provide to me. Designs were clean, easy to understand and very detailed.

Rachel is also a fantastic collaborator, who is extremely well organized. She is responsive, helpful and quick to answer any questions I have had. Rachel would be an excellent asset to any team.”

Kevin Duhe
Web Developer at Animal Behavior College

“Rachel helped us on a project that required UX/UI expertise. Even though it was a short period of time, she understood our need, the request we were asking for in our brief, and asked great questions that helped move the design process along! She also delivered rough drafts and final edits on our timetable. It was great working with her!”

Jaja Hsu
Associate Producer at TROIKA

“I had the pleasure of working with Rachel extensively on the redesign of our company website. Rachel is exceptional at website design and SEO optimization. Her turnaround time on assigned projects is remarkable, especially considering the multiple tasks she handles daily. She was always available when needed and if asked would start working on assignments right away.

Rachel is also very advanced at writing and editing content. Her upbeat personality and professional talents would be an asset to any team! I would highly recommend Rachel for your company.”

Jessica Carolan
Administration Operations Manager at Animal Behavior College

“If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if you should hire Rachel. The answer is an affirmative YES! I had the privilege to work with Rachel during her time at Animal Behavior College and she was a fantastic co-worker. Always on top of the newest trends in the business, well versed in her field, and ready to take on any challenge given to her. When you read all the skills Rachel has listed on her resume and here on LinkedIn, she’s not exaggerating. She’s got all that and more.

Not only is she fantastic at her work but she’s also a fantastic personality to have around the office as well. Smart, engaging, and a winning attitude. If you hire Rachel, you won’t regret it. Why haven’t you contacted her yet? Someone as qualified and fantastic as Rachel will be swept up sooner rather than later. What are you waiting for? Just do it!”

Shamus Kelly
Social Media Manager at Animal Behavior College