Penguin 4.0 is Here: Everything You Can Expect

What to Expect From Google Penguin 4.0

“Oh hai, I’ve arrived” – Penguin 4.0

The long-awaited Google algorithm update was finally refreshed and the SEO community doesn’t know what to do with itself. Google released Penguin 4.0 on Friday, September 23. With it came news that Penguin is now part of Google’s core algorithm and that Penguin will affect websites on a page-by-page basis. Similar to Panda, Google won’t comment on future Penguin update refreshes.

It’s been nearly two years since Google refreshed its Penguin update. Penguin 3.0, the previous update, was said to have only affected less than 1% of US and UK queries or 12 billion Google searches, according to Search Engine Watch. It’s too early to see how many search queries were affected by the latest Google Penguin update, and it might even take a while to see its impact.

Penguin Runs Real-Time

With Penguin now part of Google’s core algorithm, it means Penguin operates in real-time. SEOs will no longer have to wait for another Penguin update refresh for Google to acknowledge their disavowals and spammy link removals. Furthermore, SEOs now have a chance to improve specific pages where Google detects low-quality backlinks.

Penguin Affects Pages

They can remove the spammy links and have Google recrawl them while maintaining the visibility of their other (spam-free) pages. This page-by-page feature is a very much welcome to SEOs, as it makes recovering from toxic links much easier.

History of Google Penguin Update

Penguin has come a long way since its inception on April 24, 2012. It was the first Google update of its kind; designed to target and penalize websites deemed spammy. Originally called “Webspam Update,” Penguin removed overly optimized websites from Google’s search results. Spammy techniques included keyword stuffing, but its main focus became paid or unnatural links. The first Penguin update affected an estimated 3.1% of English queries.

Google has officially confirmed refreshing the Penguin update five times. However, SEOs speculate the search giant refreshed the update more than that. A slew of unnamed updates that shook up rankings have led many to believe Google updated Penguin on several occasions. In those cases, Google wouldn’t confirm.

Penguin 4.0 is Here, Now What?

It may take some time for SEOs and webmasters to see how their pages were affected. In the meantime, we should continue building relationships with influencers and provide high quality content because those are the main techniques that earn quality links. You never know who might cite your blog post or article as an authoritative source on WikiHow or .org site. Remember, links are still an extremely important ranking factor. Given its high importance, it’s not going to be easy earning links, but the work to obtain them will pay off.